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 The Bucket List

We are creating a bucket list for you to help select your next destination(s), enjoy adventurous and unusual locales during your travels, and enhance your cultural experiences.  

Soft adventures:      The exotic natural wonders of Costa Rica vs. the African wonders of a safari.

                                Exploring within with River Cruising vs. Exploring around with Big Boat Cruising.

                                The freedom of Individual Traveling for the more independant traveler  vs. the security and expertise of

                                              Guided Escorted Tours.

                                The familiarity of the United States and the U.S. Territories vs. the vast diversity of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

                                The worry-free benefits of All-Inclusive Resorts vs. the individual choices of Independant Resort/ Hotel Accommodations


Destinations:          Consider French Polynesia vs. South America.

                                Consider Europe vs. Asia

                                Consider religious/cultural tours across the world  vs. the relaxation of Leisure / spa travel

                                Consider the uniqueness of Rail travel vs. Plane / river travel

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Places You Never Thought To Visit

This section of the website will highlight exotic and off-the-beaten track vacation spots.  If you are interested in locations that are less 'touristy' and richer in culutral experiences, this will be the section for you!   

Chile (September 2015)


Chile is in the southwest of the South American continent.  It borders Argentina and Bolivia to the east and Peru to the north  The Pacific Ocean is to the west and Antarctica is located off the southern tip.  Though the official language is Spanish, English is spoken in the majority of tourist areas, hotels, and restaurants.   The climate in Chile varies depending on the location and proximity to the coast or mountains.  Summer lasts from December 21st to March 21st and winter from June 21st to September 21st so be prepared for a change if you fly to Chile during the more frigid months of the year.    It is recommend that the correct clothing be comfortable as possible depending on the time of year and area you wish to visit.  It can be windy and wet in the South but is generally pleasant temperature wise in the north.  

Travels from countries with diplomatic relations with Chile do not need a visa to enter the country in general.  US Passport holders are not required to pay an entry fee or apply for a visa, although you will need a valid passport for at least 6 months starting the day they enter the country.   I am pleased to report that Chile is a safe and healthy country with a well-developed sanitary structure.  No vaccinations are required to enter the country, although being up to date on tetanus, cholera, and hepatitis is recommended if you are planning to travel to the remote areas.  It is wise to drink bottled mineral water to avoid any possible problems.  Public and private healthcare is available, although it is wise to purchase a good travel insurance policy before traveling.

I recommend that if you go out to sight-see or shop, leave your passport and bulk money in secure locations in your hotel.  Carrying a photocopy of your passport's identification page should always be in your wallet in the event your passport is lost.    I also suggest that you bring fold-up expandable luggage as it is perfect for overnight excursions and handy to carry all those souvenirs when you pack to go home.  The many arts and crafts available through the country are worth the trip alone!  In particular, there are gorgeous jewelry made of Lapis Lazuli and seashells from the south.  Don't forget to try all the special foods and the Chilean wine as well!    Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diners. and American Express) are widely accepted throughout the country . 

Tierra Atacama, in the North, is desert and high altitudes that allows you to appreciate the surreal beauty of the landscape from many viewpoints in the Salt Mountain Range.  Enjoy the scenery of Death Valley, Moon Valley, and the Andes mountain range.  A MUST for photo buffs.The Tatio Geisers are located at an altitude of 14,190 ft.  The geothermal field has close links to the volcanic activity in the zone and sonsists of huge steam columns.  The wildlife in this area are foxes, vizcachas and Andean ostrich.  Also in this area are the Puritama Hot springs where you can have a unique experience in an environment where water is an unexpected finding!  Hidden at the bottom of a steep sided gorge, surrounded by vegetation, the River Puritama has 8 natural pools, with water which has an average temperature of 91 degrees at an altitude of 11,482 ft.

Head South to the Patagonia area towards Punta Arenas and Torres Del Paine National Park and the Straits of Magellan. The region is named Magallanes and more diverse spectacular scenery, i.e. glaciers, mountains, grasslands, lakes, and beaches along with more wildlife.  Activities here include: lake crossing on catamaran, hanging bridges, native forests, and hanging glacier.  Panoramic views from our hotel window, Explora Patagonia, is amazing.  Our hotels in Chile were amazing and modern with heated pools, saunas, spa services, wonderful foods, great Chilean wines, and service unequaled.  A must for adventurers, bird watchers, travelers looking for a unique experience, safe from the stressful world we all want our vacations to be.  

Melia Caribe Tropical Resort in the Dominican Republic - June 2015

Our friend Tori recommended this hotel in the Dominican Republic, which she describes as 'absolutely amazing'.  She reports that "The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and the service and food were absolutely great.   There was a wide variety of different cuisines available.  The specialty restaurants, drinks, and room services are all included in their all-inclusive package.  The only thing you have to pay for is the spa packages or excursions that you would like to go on.  The excursions however are great and not too expensive  The resort is very secure despite being so large.  Only people with the hotel bands are permitted past the gate.  I

I highly recommend this resort and I just wanted to let you and your clients know about my trip so that others may experience the wonderful stay I was able to have!"

Thank you, Tori, for the recommendations and we at Magellean Travel would be happy to help arrange a trip to this venue!

The islands of French Polynesia- November 2014

 I refreshed memories of my trip to a distinctly unique destination (see my website writeup). Although families are welcome, the French Polynesian experience is a phenomenal destination for romantics of all ages.  It's also one of the best diving experiences in the world and those interested in some soft adventure. The overwater bungalows are unlike any resort/hotel room you've ever experienced. This area of the world is what drove Paul Gaugin and Marlon Brando, to name just a couple of famous people, to give up their homelands and enjoy the remainder of their lives. Exotic names like Bora Bora, Rangiroa, Tahiti, Raiatea evoke dreams of romance, love, adventure, etc.

Call me for more and reserve a truly unique vacation experience without the stress of anything more than ordering your next gourmet meal.

Turkey - November 2013    

Welcome to Turkey! Think Alexander the Great, Troy, the Trojan Horse, Achilles, Homer, Temple of Artemis, the Virgin Mary, St. John the Apostle, Anthony and Cleopatra, St. Paul, St. Peter, and visit the land of history, mythology, ancient worlds and civilizations. Turkey is a huge country filled with the most exotic geography (Cappodoccia), hospitable people, and waiting for you to come and explore the ancient ruins (Ephesus). Wear comfortable shoes as you walk over large stone streets. Christianity and Muslims meet in respect and harmony and tributes in the architecture and monuments (Haga Sofia, considered one of the 8th wonders of the world. Istanbul is the only city in the world that sits on two continents, Europe and Asia. Aside from the grandeur of the mosques, Haga Sofia and the Blue Mosque, and palaces, i.e. Topkapi, Istanbul teems with people selling their wares from the world renowned carpet makers, exciting Grand Bazaar, and the exotic Spice Market. All the tourist sites abound with men, women, and children selling scarves, guidebooks, jewelry, you name it. Word of the day...bargain, bargain, bargain. The food is incredible, a mixture of the Mediterranean diet and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with herbs and spices from around the world. Hotels are modern with their attention to detail and cater to the needs of their guests. A negative? Traffic in Istanbul is actually worse than New York City.

Come to Turkey, go to Turkey... I loved it and it is SAFE. A quote from Turkey's guidebook... “throughout the history of mankind, Turkey, for its unique location, has always been an ideal site for many civilizations and many left their traces as they passed through. Almost all scholars agree that Turkey is “the world's largest open-air museum. A bridge between East and West, North and South, and Asia and Europe; Turkey is definitely one of the most attractive countries on earth.”



Mongolia - Summer 2013    


Mongolia is considered to be one of the most incredible places in the whole wide world.  Full of history and mystery, Mongolia offers an astonishing range of activities, sights, and adventure.   For example, one can ride a camel with local nomads, explore ancient capitals and monasteries, visit the remnants of the ancient Mongolian empire, led by the great Genghis Khan,   fly over the vast Gobi desert, and visit a plethora of geological marvelsm including the famed Singing Sands and Flaming Cliffs.    

Mongolia is a land where ancient history still breathes and is waiting for those daring to partake of its splendor.    

 April 2013 ----- South Africa 

I've just returned from a fabulous tour to South Africa. To say the country is diverse is to diminish extraordinary lifestyles, varied cultures, the natural beauty and habitat of roaming animal life one encounters throughout this glorious trip. I'll try to be brief, but not sure how and to do it justice. We flew into Johannesburg and were amazed at the modern buildings alongside the terrible poverty in which people live. The city itself is not open to roaming freely, however, this is just a small part of the country. We stayed at a beautiful, brand new hotel in the heart of the city and Nelson Mandela Square. Shopping here is phenomenal and the “rans” very favorable to the purchasing power of our dollar. 

We then coached our way up to Kruger National Game Reserve, winding our way through small villages and the beginnings of the African landscape. Our hotel on the gate of Kruger was quite beautiful and certainly different than our previous one. This hotel was decorated and built in what one would expect of Africa. It was open, airy, spread out and reflected the native artifacts. The jeep that took us through the reserve was open and seated 9 comfortably, allowing easy viewing and conducive to photo taking of the animals. How exciting to not only see the Big Five (elephant, rhinoceros, lion, water buffalo, leopard (not seen) in their natural habitat, but also hippopotamus, baboons, various species of antelope, more birds than I could count, cheetah, giraffes, and on and on. Really exciting! I had a spa treatment in an open fronted hutlike structure and lifted my head at one point and saw an elephant walk by. We feasted on buffets featuring all kinds of meat, vegetables, prepared dishes, in the open air in front of a blazing fire. The experience was unique and beautiful.

We then took a plane to the southern part of the country and motorcoached our way through Knysna, featuring the Featherbed Reserve point where the river and Indian Ocean meet. From there we followed the Garden Route along the coast through mountains and witnessed spectacular scenery , glorious weather, and shopping at Stellenbosch in the winelands and at a beautiful estate. The journey got better and better as we made our way to Capetown. How exciting to go to the top of Table Top Mountain via cable car and see for miles around! Capetown is on the southwestern coast on the Atlantic Ocean. It was from here we wound our way to the Cape of Good Hope and then to see the penquins. While we were treated to the natural landscape often only read about in our geography books (do they still teach geography?), we also visited a village where the native people still carry water to their homes in containers on their heads.

The touring company, Collette Vacations, has established a Foundation and we were privileged to bring “hippo rollers” to hopefully ease the burden of carrying water which is a precious

commodity in South Africa. The people were delighted and we had a formal ceremony to mark the occasion. We were also treated to visiting a small pre-school facility for young children who

so charmingly entertained us with some of their local songs. The people were so happy to see us all and smiled and danced happily for us. You can experience the terrifying encounter with a

white shark should you be adventurous enough or stop at an ostrich farm for a soft adventure and ride an ostrich!    And of course the shopping is great everywhere and in many cases help the

local peoples' economy. South Africa is friendly, beautiful, awesome and I certainly recommend experiencing this most exotic destination.


Safari in the Snow

Consider a trip to explore the wonders of the Arctic! 

The Tundra Lounge in Canada offers an exciting gateway to the natural beauty of the Artic and provides many luxuries for the interested explorers, including indoor bathrooms, viewing stations, roaring fireplaces, wonderful chefs that cater to your needs with home baked goods, and access to Tundra vehicles to drive through the snow, ice, and lakes of the surrounding area.  You can see a plethora of natural life, including polar bears, snowy owls, snow foxes, arctic hares, ptarmigan, and many species of arctic birds during your adventure.   As a bonus, you can also visit the nearby towns of Winnipeg and Churchill to learn more about Eskimo culture and way of life of the people of the north.


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